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Scuba Nation FAQ

If there are any questions you have that are not covered here, please contact us directly and we can answer these for you.

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How do we get to you?
It’s really not that hard, nor expensive at all. Check out how you Getting Here. 

Are the any extra costs? Seriously, tell the truth
The only things that are not included in the prices listed on this website are transport and accommodation. You must get yourself to Cambodia and to Sihanoukville and to Koh Rong Samloem.book your ferry ticket and accommodation on Koh Rong Sanloem island.

Do we have to swim back to the boat after the dive?
No, our main boat will pick you up. That way you get to see more of the dive site and there’s no hard swimming against the current.

When is a good time to dive and what's the water temperature and visibility like?
We are open all year, with year-round water temperatures a tropical 28-31 celcius and visibility from 5-20m.

What's the weather like on Koh Rong Sanloem? 
During the high season (October to end of June), the weather is warm and sunny almost every day. It rarely rains and this makes for excellent visibility. The water temperature is ideal for day and night diving.

How safe is your diving boat?
Our diving boats are very safe and we keep them well maintained; we don’t cut costs. We have a good first aid kit aboard as well as a radio, depth-finder, life jackets, life rings and oxygen. Check the page Our Dive Boats.

Can we pay by credit card?
Yes, by Mastercard and Visa both on the island but there is extra charge of 5% so you would better pay cash. You can use your card for online booking.via our website. There are no ATM machines on the island.

What equipment is provided? Does it cost anything extra?
As mentioned before, everything needed to dive is included in the cost: your air, tank, BCD, fins, mask, snorkel, wetsuit, regulator and weights. All our equipment is properly maintained. Also lunch,non-alcoholic drinks,fruit are all included in the price.  

I’m vegetarian/vegan can you cater for this?
Yes, as long as we know in advance, we can cater for most kinds of diets: vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, low carb – just let us know.

Why should we dive in Cambodia?
Obviously one of the main attractions to diving here is that it has been so little dived that most of the sites are unmapped and lots of the diving is still at exploration stage.

The islands off the coast of Cambodia provide excellent diving locations and white sand beaches. It provides the opportunity to dive in some of the warmest, pristine and clear waters available anywhere in the world without the hassle of hundreds of other divers and dive boats.It’s a pretty exclusive stamp to have in your logbook and you might even get to name a reef.

What separates Scuba Nation from its competitors?
Everything you need to dive is included in the costs, there are no hidden add-ons: all your equipment, lunch (and hot dinner on the overnight); fruit and soft drinks in the restaurant in M'Pay Bay.We have lunch in the restaurant instead of on the boat, which is more comfortable.

We have custom built, larger, more comfortable boats then the other operators, dive a much wider range of sites and our team of multi-lingual instructors are Cambodia’s highest qualified and experienced dive professionals. We have the highest qualified female instructor on our diving staff.

Scuba Nation was at the forefront of the Cambodian Dive Industry in the beginning and as a dynamic company is still the leading dive operator today. We believe in moving forward, aiming for and gaining more prestigious ratings and awards to provide an ever widening depth of knowledge and experience our customers can rely on. We have been copied many times but the service, knowledge and experience we provide is never equaled by the newer operators. Check Scuba Nation at Google Map or Trip advisor.

Can I try diving without doing a course?
Of course! You can do a Discover Scuba Dive (try dive) in the pool or on a day trip or overnight. No experience necessary, this lets you dive to a maximum depth of 12 metres under the supervision of our fully qualified and experienced PADI Diving Instructor. Read more at Try Diving here 

What equipment do you use and who looks after it?

We mainly use Saekodive and Scubapro diving equipment; it is good and solid diving gear. All our tanks and equipment are checked and serviced on a regular basis by a technician who is trained and certified by the manufacturer.

Our tanks are hydrostatically tested by Scuba Diving Distibution (SDD), and are tested every 5 years. Visual inspection of our tanks is done every 6 months by the only certified ASSET (the international certification allowing the holder to inspect scuba tanks) technician in Cambodia who is on staff at Scuba Diving Distibution a servicing company in Cambodia who look after all our equipment. We also test our air every 3 months to ensure you are breathing proper air. 

Where do we sleep
There is dormitory sleeping with proper beds with mattresses on the upper deck, and some on the lower deck too. We provide sheets and blankets should you need them (usually not, it’s pretty warm year round in Cambodia). The decks are covered by canopies on all sides to keep the rain and dew away. You will have a good night’s sleep after a great day of diving. 

Can I bring my non-diving spouse/friend/kids

We do cater for non-divers and snorkellers as well, so the whole family can go. And if anyone wants to try diving without signing up for a course, we offer this too. Our policy is that being on our boats is FUN.

I didn't bring my PADI card - is that a problem

This is not a problem. We can verify your certification from the PADI.COM website. 

The competition seems cheaper? Why should I go with you?
Our status of PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Dive Centre is in recognition of our providing excellence in diving services over a number of years. Simply put, our pricing includes everything you need for a successful dive or a safe course. Our competitors advertise artificially low prices and get you with extra add-on costs. In the end everyone’s pricing is similar, except we have custom-built, larger, more comfortable boats, serviced dive equipment and tanks, the highest qualified and experienced staff and dive a much wider range of sites. Check Trip advisor here

I've heard scuba is dangerous in Cambodia...?
Years ago this may have been true, but since Scuba Nation opened its doors in 2002, Sihanoukville is just as safe as anywhere else in the world. We are proud to have a perfect safety record.

Have you guys ever had your PADI license suspended or revoked?
No, not once. We follow PADI standards and have maintained a perfect safety record – a claim not all dive centers can make. Scuba Nation is in good standing with PADI and never had a quality enquiry from PADI quality management.

I have my own complete diving equipment, what kind of discount do I get?
We offer a $5 per day discount if you bring your own equipment (obviously excluding tanks and weights). Unfortunately this is best we can offer since the largest portion of our expenses when taking the boat out is the diesel, maintenance and staff.

I've heard of Cambodia refered to as SCAMbodia, are you guys really legitimate?
Yes, we are the first authorized PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Dive Center and we are completely certified to provide the courses and services listed here. Don’t believe us? Ask PADI themselves.

Can we book online?
YES. In fact, we recommend it. When you have decided you would like to do a trip or diving course with us, we will send you a booking form and you simply fill it in and return and we guarantee your place on the boat.This is unique in Cambodia.