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Koh Prins

Koh-Prins-Scuba-Nation-CambodiaKoh Prins is situated around 5-6 hours off the mainland about 3 hours south-west of Koh Rong Saloem. It comprises of 3 small islands.

The “big” island, Koh Prins, has a small fishing village and two sandy beaches, the centre being grass and trees surrounded by rocks towards the shore; Koh Moan (Chicken Island) is the middle island and has trees and rocky beaches; the smaller island consists of a rocky outcrop (Naked Island). Visibility ranges from 10-30m with average vis being around 20m and depth between 10 and 40m. Whalesharks are spotted here around Dec and again in May. Its remoteness from the mainland makes this a very exclusive trip.   

1. Koh Prins North
The sandy bottom has many boulders covered with hard and soft corals. Marine worms abound here as do many different nudibranch and cuttlefish. You often find yourself followed by schools of batfish, and over the sand you encounter larger fish such as schooling trevally (jacks) and barracuda.

2. Koh Prins South
This dive site varies in depth from 6m down to 18m and there are hard and soft corals covering the boulders which are scattered all over the sandy bottom. There are schools of fusiliers plus porcupine and box fish hiding around the rocks. Bright blue-spotted sting-rays and common sting-rays can be found all over the sand.

3. Drop Off
As the name implies, this is a wall dive which drops to over 30m to the North-west of Koh Prins. Schools of yellow goat fish, jacks and barracuda swarm the rocky wall. This is often an exhilarating drift dive.

4. Anemone Garden
Also between Koh Prins and Koh Moan, this shallow dive site goes from 6m down to around 14m. There are many brilliant anemones stretching all over this portion of the bay and an abundance of fish life. This is a great spot for a night dive with electric blue-spotted stingrays mingling with moray eels, and bamboo and cat sharks.

5. Moray Eel Parade
Between Koh Prins and Koh Moan to the south, this site is a sandy-bottom dive going from 8m down to 20m. There is plenty of vegetation and coral bommies start at the edge of the rocky beaches going down and over the sand. Hidden within these bommies are many species of moray eels, including white-eyed moray, hexagonal moray and white-mouthed moray.

6. Koh Moan North
This dive site features shallow rocks and coral bommies from the shore which gradually drop deeper to the west to around 20m. There are many brilliant anemones and an abundance of fish life. Out towards the west of the island you can also see black-tip reef sharks and eagle rays.

7. Shark Point
To the North of Naked Island and heading west, there is a field of anemones at around 5m and the site gradually goes to rocky out-cropping as it goes deeper down to 30m. There is a cleaning station at the north-west end of the island where black-tip reef sharks are often spotted. We also get whale sharks here normally in December and again in May.

8. Eagle-ray Alley
Coming around the east of Naked Island heading south, there are rocks down to 30m and excellent visibility. This can be a drift dive at certain times, and due to the depth and formations, it is a dive for more experienced divers. Eagle rays are often spotted here as are whale sharks in December and again in May.