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Koh Kon


Koh Kon is a small uninhabited island about 1½-2 hours from the mainland. It has two tiny beaches on the east side, the rest being rock that goes down to the sea.

The north and west are deeper dive sites with more corals and rocky outcrops, the south and east are shallow corals with sandy areas. Visibility ranges from 5-25m but is usually around 10m.  




1. Koh Kon West – 2 Bays
This dive site is characterized by rocks at the water’s edge which drop off, gradually at the south end and sharply further north, to a sandy bottom at around 16m. From the shallows, there is a proliferation of dazzling coral and fish life. At the south end there are many anemones, box fish, large parrot fish and schools of yellow goat fish. Further north at around 12m there are sea bass and large snappers and sweetlips.

2. Koh Kon South
This dive site has coral reef from the shore which drops to a shallow sandy bottom at around 9m and gradually goes deeper to the west to a maximum of 14m. Again there are many brilliant anemones and an abundance of fish life. This is a great spot for a night dive with electric blue-spotted stingrays mingling with moray eels, and bamboo and cat sharks.

3. Koh Kon East
This dive site is relatively shallow and has corals close to the island down to around 6m. There are also large sandy areas that are perfect for seeing more unusual invertebrates as well as octopus, squid and crustaceans hunting on night dives. We often see sea-horses at this dive site.

4. Koh Kon North
This is an amazing dive site offering rocky outcrops dropping to around 16m at its west point. There are sea-bass, barracuda and large parrot fish as well as schooling trevally and fuseliers. Further out there are coral bommies and excellent macro-life featuring unusual nudibranch and marine worms.